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Welcome to Timothy Creek Decoys, we are proud to announce that the NEW Spin-N-Strut Turkey Attractor Decoy is here!

If you're a beginner or a veteran turkey hunter, a gun or bow hunter, the New Spin-N-Strut Attractor Turkey Decoy can help you harvest that big Tom you're after. The Spin-N-Strut Turkey Attractor Decoy is a "Natural Motion Decoy" that "Attracts" Turkeys! This decoy can be seen from "Long Distances", and can help you bring those Big Gobblers in Close. "Call Shy" gobblers are put at ease once they see Spin-N-Struts Life Like Natural Motion.

Gobblers that tend to "Hang up" just out of range will move into your set-up to chase off this immature Jake. The Spin-N-Strut decoy is, easy to use and setup is a snap. Watch some of the turkey hunting videos we've collected while using the Spin-N-Strut Turkey Attractor Decoy. Some of the turkey's in these videos come so close to our setup they are hard to capture on video! You'll also find photo's sent in from customers who've found the Spin-N-Strut Turkey Attractor Decoy to be the best decoy they've ever used!

We've all been there, sitting in the turkey woods only to have that Tom come looking for your hen call, and then Hang-Up just out of range. This is just one of many reasons the Spin-N-Strut was developed. Spin-N-Strut uses a turkey's own "Genetic Response" during the mating season toward other immature tom in their territory to Bring him in Close, Timothy Creek Decoys designed, developed, and field tested our prototypes for 5 years before releasing them to the market. The hunters that have field-tested the Spin-N-Strut have said that this turkey decoy works like no other decoy on the market because of its Life Like Natural Motion.

We're confident you'll have the same success taking that big gobbler in your area just as they have done.


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