In The Field With The Spin-N-Strut Decoy

The Spin-N-Strut arrived on Saturday afternoon and in less than 24 hours we had a double on the ground.  These big longbeards came in at a full run each trying to be the first to whip-up on the new jake in town. Thanks for this awesome decoy.
Brenda Valentine
First Lady of Hunting (R)
NWTF National Spokesperson

Dear Spin-N-Strut,
Thank you so very much for an EXCELLENT product. Your Spin-N-Strut decoy is by far the best decoy I have ever used in the turkey woods! When it comes to gobblers that have been hunted to the point that they do not want to finish, the Spin-N-Strut is the deciding factor in that scenario. If a gobbler is on the other side of a big creek, no worries, once he sees your decoy, HERE HE COMES! I will not hunt without your decoy, it is a vital key to my success during turkey season, and a major part of my hunting arsenal.
Thank you once again for the best turkey decoy ever made.
Mike Stogsdill
Tru-Tone Custom Calls
Real Scent Deer Lure

Both shot in the last two days using the Spin-N-Strut Decoy. Works Great. Chris Palmer

Hunting with DadHunting With Dad

My son Will, shot this bird at 35 yards on youth day. He missed one earlier at 16 yards. It was my fault as I rushed him. We had 4 more long beards come to within 15 yards, but thick brush and the fact the my son is only 7 years old resulted in us not getting a shot off. That was frustrating. So 8 gobblers came to within range of the decoys. Not bad, I'd say. His bird weighed 21 lbs., had a 11½" beard and 1¼" spurs. Thanks for all your help!



Brodie SwisherBrodie Swisher



Hey guys, Brodie Swisher (outdoor writer from Montana) here. I hope you're doing well and that business is boomin'!
I met you guys at NWTF last year in Nashville and you set me up with your decoy. I've got a couple articles from last year
I need to dig up and send to you that include the Spin-N-Strut, but I wanted to send you the attached photo from our youth
hunt last season. I set the kid up in the Double Bull blind and the Spin-N-Strut out front and he got to kill his first turkey.
I videoed the hunt and will get that to you as well.

Let me know how things are going with you guys. I'd like to run the decoy in my articles for April issue, so let me
know of anything new with you guys, changes, etc.







Hey guys, Just wanted to share a photo and a quick story. This morning was our turkey opener here in NY and I set
up my new Spin-N-Strut decoy for the first time. I was watching a tom with 2 hens at about 100 yards when I had another
gobbler come in from behind me. After gobbling twice, he walked a small ridge at about 20 yards over my right shoulder
and I was certain to be busted if I made a move on him. I could see that he was looking toward my decoy setup, but was
hesitant to step out any closer. That is when I pulled the string slightly to lift the fan on the Spin-N-Strut and that
changed everything. That gobbler committed instantly, came across my shooting lane at 12 paces, and the rest is history.
Wanted to thank you for a great product. I have been telling everyone how well it worked to change the course of this
morning's hunt. When this decoy is worn out years from now, I will be sure to order another.

Thanks again, Fran Atria Pine Bush, NY




Hello Kenny. It was nice to meet you at the NWTF show. I hope it was a good show for you. I know how much work they can be I do three home shows per year with my flooring business. I have enclosed a picture of Jeanette Ohara's first long beard shot over your decoy.  22.5 lbs., 10 inch beard, 1¼" spurs. April 09.  The video I have is really nice but I  can't load it to send to you when I figure it out I will send it.
Best  Regards

Galena Outdoor Products LLC
Bartlett, Il

rt spin-n-strut

"I just wanted to let you guys know my 12 year old son R.T. just bagged his first turkey this morning using the Spin-N-Strut.
It helped seal the deal. Thank you all for this great product."