Gobbler "Hang-Ups" & "Genetic Response"

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Most Turkey Hunters have had those Gobblers coming right to us. Only to have him "Hang Up" just out of range. 
They stand out there strutting, but they won't come any closer no matter how sweet you make your calls sound,
or how good your set-up looks.

Think about this, as hunters we try to bring those Gobblers to our hen calls, and our decoys that don’t act like real turkeys. 
Gobblers often respond to our calls and come into view of our decoys, however that's when those big old Toms "Hang Up"
and start strutting, waiting for the hen show her receptiveness and to move towards him.

The "Hang Up"
However in nature the “Hang Up is a Natural "Genetic Response" meaning he’s waiting for the hen to
show her receptiveness and come to him as nature intended.  This behavior is embedded in their genes.

Until now, about all you could do in this situation is sit tight, call to him and hope he becomes "hot" enough and
comes into range. A lot of turkeys are shot that way, however sometimes you need a little more persuasion,
a reason for him to come all the way in.
This is another situation when the Spin-N-Strut will shine. It creates a unique scenario.

When that Tom responds to your hen calls and moves within view of your set up, he sees what he believes to be
a subordinate Jake (The Spin-N-Strut Decoy) moving and Strutting Naturally in front of one of his hens.
He believes the
Spin-N-Strut has beaten him to that hen, and his thought process changes.

No longer will he wait for the hen to move to him. His other “Genetic Response” kicks in, that’s the response to
FIGHT off all others so he can have the hen for himself. The Life Like Motion and Smaller Relativistic Design
of the
Spin-N-Strut overcomes the normal caution of these
Gobblers and will many times put them in your lap.


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