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Using Your New Spin-N-Strut Decoy

Please understand that no decoy or call will work every time.

However understanding when and why to call or use your decoy will increase your odds of success. 

Our hunting setups include the Spin-N-Strut decoy and at lest one hen decoy.  We call to draw their attention to the decoys, or bring them into view of our set-up.  At that point we discontinue calling and begin moving the Spin-N-Strut decoy.  We then move the decoy into a full strut position for 15 to 30 seconds before dropping the tail out of the strutting position (lowering the tail).  Let the decoy set still for another 15 to 30 seconds.
Then bring the Spin-N-Strut back to a full strut position. This motion is very natural and can be seen from a very long distance. 

When the gobblers approach, you may want to move the decoy into a half strut position and hold it for 10 to15 seconds. The Half Strut position is a subrogate body posture. This is a turkey’s body language! You are now communicating, without calling, it's so natural looking! 

If birds are “Call Shy” in your area, find a spot they frequent and setup. If you see the birds enter your area, begin moving the Spin-n-Strut to the strutting position. Make sure the hen decoy is also visible, as you are imitating a courting situation and they should come in to see who is working their area. This should fool that big gobbler you're after.

Good luck hunting, and we know you will enjoy using the Spin-N-Strut decoy.


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